WASP UniPhoxx

Wasp UniPhoxx available soon.

Designed ,Tooled and manufactured in the U.K.

Injection moulded, Impact modified Polycarbonate a Universal Frame OTT-TTF & 2050 Tubes.

Light weight - compact - pocketable & strong. 12mm in section -87mm fork width -47mm fork gap - 129mm O/A

& 20mm Pinky hole. It will accept 20mm flat bands in OTT format, 22mm bands in TTF and has a 5.15mm tube hole this directly accepts 2050 single tubes using the ball in tube method of attachment.


The design allows for brace / support grip with the option to use or ignore the pinky hole, your choice. A fully filleted 6.5mm beveled edge increasing into the waist of the handle provides a comfortable platform on the shooter side of the frame . A radius on the target side of the frame ensures the wrap around fingers endure a comfortable grip.


Fork tips have minimal have minimal radii to allow for accurate alignment onto the target . In TTF aiming notches are accurately positioned in the centre of tips. Symmetrical frame geometry allows Left or Right hand hold without compromise.

Its light weight too -50g

A distinctively Pocketable Frame - Exception Quality - Affordable & Durable.

All the Features you require in a Slingshot Frame - All in One Frame.

No frills - No fuss - No excuse not to add a Phoxx to your collection.

An Extremely capable All-rounder do not Underestimate the UniPhoxx.

Shoot Safe and Responsibly