Wasp collectors limited edition Frames

Occasionally from time to time we shall be producing small batches of our slingshot frames  with a Hydrographically Dipped covering  that is 2K Top coated to aid in protecting the print beneath. 

Each Frame will be unique as the pattern will never repeat during the dipping process. over time will will add further variations of decorative print making each batch produced unique.

The base for the frame will still be the standard impact modified  Polycarbonate  the frame is wet sanded to produce a key for the primer . The frame is dipped twice once on each side of the frame. Then Top Coated.

Note : The Hydrographic print process protected by the Top coat will react similar to a powder coated frame in terms of impact and durability of the decorative finish . If you are a Fork Hitter or want to throw the frame around on hard surfaces you risk damaging the finish this will not be repairable and therefore consideration must be given is this the frame for you. 

The frames are for sale on our custom slingshots page