nGolf Hyper Flight .83g HI VIS Orange Filled Plastic 10mm diameter Slingshot / Pocket Shot Ammo

Heavy weight 40% filled material-  100 Balls per bag.

Light Band sets are required to shoot this lightweight ammo efficiently. We Recommed our 12mm straight bands for this puropse .

10mm Hyper Flight Heavy weight Orange Plastic Ammo - Sold in packs of 100

  • This new range of ABS / Acetal Slingshot Ammo gives you the edge .

    Hone your shooting skills  All year round 


    Precision Injection moulded Plastic 10mm Golf Ball Hyper Flight  Ammo.   .83g in weight.


    Highly visible against dark back drops and catch boxes this enables you to locate shot position verses target centre.

    Find it !   Easily located - bright in colour.

    Can be used to encourage practice indoors all year round. (suitable back stop / catch box required )  Note  10mm Cal Golf Hyper Flight Balls Hit hard !


    Shoot and  Build Confidence. Using Plastic Ammo.

    Advanced shooters gain much improved pouch control using light ammo 

    Stop Thumb rise and Release blips 

    Practic with larger Diameter ammo in Plastic before moving to steel or lead 

    Test fire your new slingshot without the risk of damage often caused by steel shot .


    Harder Hitting Plastic Ammo 

    Ammo surface is dimpled as per a Golf ball creating greater airflow past the ball during flight thus reducing drag resistance, allowing greater FPS with a heavier Ammo .


    Educate and encourage new and younger shooters to develop skills without the  associated risks of using heavy ammo . (Adult Supervision required ! )

    WARNING : Plastic Slingshot Ammo can be fired at high velocity . Safety Glasses must be worn at all times whilst shooting . 

    The Manufacturer or Retailer shall NOT be held responsible or liable for any consequential, direct or indirect or special loss, injury or accidents caused by the Ammo or any other relative items that are purchased. In all cases the purchaser (you) assumes full responsibility and all risk associated with the use of our products.


  • No Returns policy offered with the purchase of Ammo 

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