New OTT frame from Wasp Slingshots the "TriGrip" 

Triangulated V Frame based upon technology gained from assembly lines where a supportive stable grip is required when aligning components that require physically holding in a fixed position.

The spine sits into the crease of your plam the thumb and forefinger aligned down the fork legs gives a unique feel of support, its neither pinch or brace grip rather a combination of the two. The middle 2 fingers grip in around the waist of the handle.  Slightly angled Fork Tips  minimise band contact. Wrap and Tuck band attachment.

Fork width  84mm

Fork Tips 20mm

O/A Length 118mm

Weight 145g. 

Colours -  Gloss Viper Green , Satin Black or Flat Black. 

 FRAME ONLY    (Add your own Favourire Band Set) see our Bands and Pouches shop page )


WARNING: The Manufacturer or Retailer shall NOT be held responsible or liable for any consequential, direct or indirect or special loss, damage, injury or accidents caused by the use of the Slingshot, Ammo or any other relative items that are purchased. In ALL cases the purchaser (YOU) assumes full responsibility and all risk associated with the use of our products. 


This product is not to be sold or purchased by anyone under 18 years of age,

Wasp TriGrip OTT Slingshot - Aluminium Cast

SKU: Trigrip Viper