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Basic Slingshot Band / Elastic Knowledge
Common Questions Answered
Regarding the colour of elastic it doesn’t really affect durability,…. the Black elastic is usually a harder draw but that is purely down to the colouring pigment is carbon thus acts as a filler, stiffening the compound.
What does affect bands is not understanding the basics! Band power and strength must Always! Be matched to the weight of Ammo … Active length must be correct for your full draw length , calculated by the elongation factor of the said brand or type of elastic.
This elongation factor can vary between 4.5:1 and 6.5:1 depending on the type make and manufacturer of the elastic.
The number designation on bands are Simple.
Example - 20-15 0.70
Means the band is cut to a width of 20mm tapering to 15mm at the pouch 0.70 is the thickness of the elastic.
Bands are not always durable 300 shots is the average life span. Some can last 600-700 shots others 30 shots.
Dry firing bands or using to light Ammo always reduces life span or breaks the bands. Sunlight and atmosphere degrades the molecular structure of the elastic. Nicks / small edge tears caused by handling, removal from pockets etc can cause premature breaking, Ammo trap against the fork tips or rough or sharp forks also reduces the life of the band.
Energy in the elastic must be used up in the firing cycle, if the Ammo used is too light there is un-spent energy left in the elastic this shock loads the band set. Hence dry firing destroys them. Also using ammo that is too light for the power in the bands.
You buy / make bands to match the projectile weight and your own ability to shoot accurately holding the shot on target and have full control of the slingshot frame.
Shoot within your comfort zone.
If you Match the band strength and power to your ammo weight and you are on the right track.
If in doubt just pop us an email and we shall advise best suitable band/ ammo combination.
Band Set Knowledge - Please Read this Note Prior to using the band set.
Firstly Ensure that the Band Set is fitted correctly. (Videos for Wrap and Tuck and Band Clamp Fitment methods are on our website in the Reference and Video section)
Understand that Elastic material has different elongation ratios, this can vary according to the manufactures specification and or the batch manufacturing tolerance.
Do not Exceed 90% of the maximum elongation of the elastic. Ensure you have adjusted the Active band length to suit your full draw length.
Ensure the band size and thickness is a MATCH for the weight of projectile you are using.
One of the most overlooked aspects of slingshot shooting is the band size, strength and power ratio, this HAS to be matched to the weight of the projectile you are shooting.
If you are using light low weight Projectiles the band sets need to be light draw low resistance band sets. If you use a High Power Band Set, designed to shoot heavier weight projectiles the band life will decrease dramatically, this in turn will also increase the risk of Hand Slaps caused by band set follow through.
Light weight Ammo fired through High Power Band sets will leave excess un-spent energy in the elastic composition of the band set, this shock loads the elastic and reduces performance and Band life considerably.
Always MATCH the POWER of the Band Set to the WEIGHT of Projectile used.
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