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Commonly asked Slingshot Questions


Which method is the more accurate way of shooting, OTT (Over The Top) or TTF (Through The Forks)?


Both can be equally as accurate as the other. Accuracy is in the hands of the shooter.  However, most new shooters to the sport find it easier to shoot OTT.


I am new to catapults, what do you recommend to get me up and running?


A good starting point for you would be to choose a Uniphoxx Starter Pack, the frame can be banded to shoot either OTT or TTF so you can try out both styles. For a band set, if you feel you wish to purchase a spare, we then recommend you choose the 12/18 OTT band set, it’s a nice smooth draw not over strong but will give good speed using 8mm steel ammo. You can then learn and gain the techniques required to shoot safely and gain accuracy without the hindrance of tackling heavy draw bands.         


I am a new shooter and want a Slingshot with the most powerful band set.


We would recommend that all new shooters begin with a light draw band set and start with either 8mm steel ammo, clay or plastic practice ammo, until confidence, technique and most importantly the ability to shoot safely is fully established. Light bands enable you to have greater control over the slingshot, bands and release technique. Shooting is much more fun if you can actually hit what you are aiming for!


Should I wear safety glasses?


Yes, most definitely!


I have a slingshot, bands and ammo is there anything else I need before I start shooting?


Yes. Safety glasses and a catch box.

A catch box is needed to stop the projectile and ideally catch the ammo behind the target. A large wooden box or strong plastic container, with old t-shirts or towels hung behind the target will stop the ammo and importantly stop      the projectile rebounding back at you or a ricochets flying off in some obscure direction.


How long will my band set last?


This can vary due to draw length and elongation factors during the shooting cycle, also band thickness and type of latex, matching the band power to weight of the projectile is important. Light band sets don’t like heavy projectiles and likewise, strong bands do not like or perform well with lighter ammo. All that said without confusion expected band life is usually around 30 to 600 shots. 

How do I attach the bands to the slingshot frame?

There is a basic guide supplied with every slingshot we sell. Also we have video tutorials on our website. Armed with the knowledge that flat bands have a short life span and need changing frequently it is Important that you learn how to fasten the bands to the frame. All this is part of the enjoyment of becoming a slingshot shooter. Something you will     do hundreds of times if you're an active shooter.   


How do I work out my active band length?


Take your draw length measurement and divide that by 5 is a good starting point. Don’t forget to add an extra  ½- ¾ inch or so to attach the bands to the frame

Example - Draw length is 30 inches. To calculate the active band length –

30 inches divide by  5 = 6 inches

+1/2 inch to tie  bands on to the frame =  6 ½ inches

This length is measured from the fork end of the band to the knot that holds the pouch to the band. We also recommend that you don’t max the bands out by over drawing them, or cutting the bands too short this will give a reduced band life.


What bands do I need to shoot the Wasp Plastic Practice Ammo?


The lighter the bands used the better. With new elastic with increased performance being released virtually every month it’s hard to give actual sizes that cover all materials & manufacturers.

Bands that are 0.5mm with a 10/15 mm tapered cut are ideal for the latest elastic. The plastic ammo is light therefore it is important that the band set you use is also light. If you use standard or heavy draw bands the performance is actually reduced and band service life is also reduced.


Why do I get band slap, it hurts my hand and fingers?


Band slap is caused by using band sets and pouches that are not suitably matched to the weight of the ammo. To eliminate band slap either up the size of the ammo OR reduce the thickness and cut of the band set. Band size and power always need to match the size of ammo you are shooting.


What does 0.72 - 15/20  x 200 mean when I am ordering band sets?


Band sizes & cut nothing more. The 0.72 is the thickness of the elastic used. The 15/20 is the width of the cut on the bands. 15 mm at the pouch end and 20mm wide at the fork end x 200mm long. Simple!


I have had a fork hit, what should I do?


That’s not good - That means that you are shooting incorrectly and need to work on your technique. MOST IMPORTANTLY you must immediately inspect the frame for damage or signs that the slingshot frame may have lost some of its integrity. You must be certain that no damage caused has weakened the structure of the slingshot BEFORE you continue to use it. IF IN DOUBT THROW IT OUT.

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