Our latest and largest OTT Slingshot  the "Venator" ( Latin Noun to Hunt )

Repeated requests for a larger frame have lead to the development of the Venator Slingshot,

a derivitive of our Outlaw frame .


Billet 6083 Aluminium 12.5 mm thick  Handmade Frame. 

90mm wide x 128mm long with 24mm fork tips.  Weight 130g 

Polished or Black satin powder coated finish currently available.

Wrap and tuck band attachment Left or right hand hold . 

Thumb support grip or Pinch grip.   


WARNING : The Manufacturer or Retailer shall NOT be held responsible or liable for any consequential, direct or indirect or special loss, damage, injury or accidents caused by the use of the Slingshot, Ammo or any other relative items that are purchased. In ALL cases the purchaser (YOU) assumes full responsibility and all risk associated with the use of our products. 

This product is not to be sold or purchased by anyone under 18 years of age,

Wasp "Venator" OTT Slingshot