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Red and Black Spray Printed  Uniphoxx Frame. 

A Red Uniphoxx - Camo Printed in Black and Gray Both sides 

Black and Gold Wasp Badge  (Badge Faces the shooter )

Hot !

Frame Only 


UniPhoxx Specification.

Injection moulded using Impact Modified Polycarbonate 12mm in section - 87mm  Fork width - 47mm Fork Gap- 129mm overall length & 20mm Diameter Pinky hole .

It is designed to take 19mm Flat bands in OTT Format  & 22mm Flat bands In TTF - Also included pre moulded in the frame is a 5.15mm Diameter Tube attachment hole this will directly accept 2050 Single tubes and attaches firmly with a 5mm ball in tube method of attachment. Smaller tubes can be attached using paracord tabs & matchstick type methods of the shooters choice.

The design allows for Brace / Support grip with an option to use or ignore the Pinky hole, your choice. A fully filleted 6.5mm beveled edge on the frame edge increasing into the waist of the handle provides a comfortable platform. A radius upon the Target side on the frame ensures the wrap around fingers endure comfort. Fork tips have minimal corner radii to allow for accurate alignment onto the target . In TTF Aiming notches are accurately positioned in the centre of the fork tips.  

Symmetrical Frame geometry allows Left or Right hand hold without compromise.

The UniPhoxx is all that is required in Slingshot frame technology 

A Distinctively Pocketable Target frame - Exceptional quality -  Affordable & Durable.

All the features you require in a Slingshot Frame - All in one Frame. 

No Frills -No Fuss- No Excuse not to own a Phoxx 

An Extremely Capable All-rounder Do Not Underestimate the UniPhoxx. 


FRAME ONLY    (Add your own Favourire Band Set) see our Bands and Pouches shop page )


WARNING : The Manufacturer or Retailer shall NOT be held responsible or liable for any consequential, direct or indirect or special loss, damage, injury or accidents caused by the use of the Slingshot, Ammo or any other relative items that are purchased. In ALL cases the purchaser (YOU) assumes full responsibility and all risk associated with the use of our products. 

This product is not to be sold or purchased by anyone under 18 years of age,

Red & Black Camo Uniphoxx Slingshot

SKU: Red/Black Camo Uniphoxx

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